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832 S Cherryvale Rd, Boulder, CO 80303

I have always had my hands in some form of a creative process, and the minute I touched clay I knew I had found my medium. The messiness, the endless possibilities, the unpredictability, the magic. My initial curiosity of this new medium was coupled with a palpable sense of joy. And 20 years later, that joy is still a steady pulse.

I am primarily a functional ceramic artist. I love stretching to think beyond the form - to that place where maker and user connect. How my piece might draw someone in. A coming together. A blending. I find myself forever drawn to sand and sea, and hints of this can be found in my work through textures and colors. I’m grateful every day to work in a medium that incorporates all of the elements - earth, water, air, fire. Clay keeps my hands rooted in the earth and my heart flying free.

For me, clay invites a collaborative process between artist and user. As the artist, I get to write the first few chapters of the story and as people interact with my pottery along the way, the rest of the story unfolds.




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